My Balinese Children's Book: Next project

This is a picture book I wrote and illustrated based on a mythological
little Balinese fairy living in Bali and a girl, named Wardani who found her.

I started this book while living in the Island of Bali, Indonesia.

Whenever I am in Bali, I try to stay in the same town called Ubud
This is the view from the porch in front of my bungalow:

I got the inspiration from one of the sketches of a particular Balinese lantern in
front of my porch which looks like this:

I imagined the little fairy living in this lantern that looks like a small Balinese temple.
The setting for my story started with this image:

Below is the porch where I sometimes wake up just before dawn ( yes--that early!)
 and I start to sketch the Balinese lantern below in the dark :

I love to wake up very early and sketch or write in my journal until
I hear the cock crows.
In Bali, you will always hear them crow when the sun rises.
They are actually music to my ears.

Here you can see one of my sketches while drinking coffee. 

Another illustration of my fairy character living in the lantern house:
More on my Little Girl in Bali story next time--to be continued....

Goodbye Bali

April 20, 2009

Before leaving Bali for Hanoi, Vietnam I made sure I went to some spas in Bali.
All tanned from swimming, I am realxing after a massage at one of my favorite Spas in UBud: The Sangrila Spa and Verona Spa:

Maritel and I after our full body massage and Lulur Balinese scrub finished off with a soak in petal flower bath at the Verona Spa in Mokey Forest Road, Ubud. Bali:

The facility at Verona SPA:

Madonna Davidoff in a Typical Balinese costume

Madonna Davidoff in a Kebaya:

I am wearing the traditional balinese temple dress called kebaya.

April 18

My last walk to the rice field with friends from Holland, Yvonne , an Occupational Therapist and Parham, a Physchologist from India.
Yvonne and Parham carrying a coconut seedling that will grow into a big coconut tree:

We stopped at a warung-balinese local store in the middle of the rice fields, for drinks:

Madonna,(left) Yvonne(middle) Parham(right)

on the way we stopped again at artist Nyomans studio and gallery.
Nyoman also teaches traditional Balinese painting technique:

Nyomans Paintings:

More farmers :

A tree house in Bali:

After the morning walk, a dip in the pool at Ubud Bungalow:

Then at night, I had dinner with Robin , a writer from Turkey and SanFrancisco who now lives part of the year in Bali and again with Yvonne from Holland. We ate dinner at Noori's near the Neka Museum in Ubud, known for its famous Grill and martini.

Tour of Gianyar Regency, Bali

April 17, 2009
On the way to Gianyar Regency, outside of Ubud, Maritel & I hired a private van with driver to take us around. This is my Maritel's last day in Bali before she goes home to Australia.

Below two landmarks entering Gianyar, Sculpture of Arguna

and Sculpture of Visnu:

More Balinese landscape:

We stopped to buy some Sarongs and souveniers at Sukawati Market:

I bought a kebaya (temple outfit) and a Balinese headress which I tried on myself below:

We proceeded to a Balinese Temple and wearing our sarongs and sash:

Below, Madonna in the Temple:

Maritel ,my friend, in the Temple below:

We had lunch at MAHAGIRI a restaurant that serves buffet overlooking the panaromic view of Mt. Agung, the biggest sacred volcano in Bali

Lunch was typical Balinese and Indonesian cuisine of nasi goreng, rendang, fish and chicken sate with peanut sauce, chicken curry,s oto ayam ( balinese soup) and several trpical fruits like snake fruit ( a fruit that has a skin that looks like snake skin--delicious. And of course ,we finished the meal with delicious strong balinese coffee and tea.

Madonna with the view from Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant:

The view with Madonna & Maritel below:

The view with Mt. Agung:

After lunch we went to see one of bali's waterfall:

And on the way to the water fall, we saw some Balinese preparing for the ceremony for the Besakih temple carrying their offerings:

Then we stopped at a weavers workshop:

At the workshop was a balinese instrument called the Gamelan.
With myself and Maritel trying to play the gamelan:

Then, back in Ubud, Maritel and I getting ready for a nice dinner in town :

April 15, reconnecting with Friends in, Bali

Chantal from Belgium

One of the things I like about traveling are meeting people and making friends from different parts of the world. On one of my trip to Bali two years ago, I met Chantal from Belgium who is now living in Ubud.

Below, Chantal (to the right) and I having lunch at Lotus Pond,
a beautiful restraurant in Ubud overlooking a Balinese Temple:

We are having Reistafel for lunch: Bon Appetit!
Chantal worked for a book company in Belgium until deciding to give t all up and move to Bali. She is an astrologer and also designs some handicrafts. She just moved into a very cute balinese house with her dog and cat.

Chantal’s cute home in Bali:

I am relaxing at Chantals front garden:

Jasmine from South Africa:

I made a new friend in Bali. Her name is Jasmine and we met in the plane from my flight from Singapore to Bali. We were seatmates and found out that we were staying near each other in Ubud. It is Jasmine's first trip to Bali and she is here to participate in a Yoga retreat.

Here we are( Jasmine and Madonna) in this fantastic restaurant in Ubud called Bebek Bengil where they serve a delicious meal of Crispy Duck, a Balinese delicacy.

More of Madonna and Jasmine in Ubud, Bali:

Our Dessert:Sinfull Balinese chocolate cake and Balinese Rose wine:

Maritel , a childhood friend from Australia:

I am happy to see my friend Maritel again. Maritel and I went to the same private all-girls school in Manila called Maryknoll College. She came to Bali for a couple of days to hang out with me. Yours truly with Maritel overlooking one of the Rice Terraces :

More of Madonna & Maritel by the rice terraces:

Madonna & Maritel With a Balinese Farmer:

Maritel and Madonna at the Ubud open market where you can buy lots of Balinese handicrafts, paintings, batiks , cermamics, etc.

Below, with a Balinese lady vendor wearing her traditional Balinese costume called Kebaya:

Madonna and Maritel Having a meal in a restaurant by the Rice terraces:

Hanging out in cafes and restaurants in Ubud, Bali, both located in Monkey Forest Road :

Bali Palm Reader

As I have planned, I went to visit Ketut Liyer the Palm Reader of Ubud, Bali.

I am glad that I went to his home early since I was the second person there and more people were coming from all over the world:

Ketut Liyer's home and gallery with some of his mystical paintings:

Ketut Liyer reading my palm: He says I will live to be 103 years old and that I will have good Karma when I get reborn and that I should persue a carreer in publishing ( I'm already an illustrator) I wonder if he says this to everybody...
Anyway, wether I believe his predictions or not--at least it was fun to see him.
He is now 90 years old.

Below, Liyer reading my Palm:

Liyers hand and mine:

I sketched him while reading other people's palm and I let him sign my skctch:

In exchange, at the end of our palm reading session, Liyer ask me to sign his guestbook:

After my visit to Liyer, Yvonne from Holland whom I met at the reading, decided to eat lunch together at a Warung ,a local balinese foodstand:

A typical Warung Balinses Food: Nasi Campur:

After lunch, I took a walk to Monkey Forest:

More street scenes of Ubud:

When I reached Ubud Inn, I tried playing with the ANGKLUNG or balinese xylophone:

In the evening, I met up with my good friend Maritel foran aperitif at Cafe Wayan:

Good chilled Mojitos:

Then for dinner at another restaurant:

Here we are ending the evening by listening to live music at the Jazz Cafe:

Bali ,Rice Terrace Walk in Ubud

One of my daily routine in Bali is taking a meditative walk through out
the rice field terraces of Ubud.
In Ubud, the air is cool and crisp at this time of the day.

I start my walk from here:

I continue my walk by passing by some farmers working on their rice fields:
They are very friendly. Behind the rice fields are some balinese villages:

A small balinese house in the middle of the rice field. I wonder who lives there:

Come follow me for more Rice Terraces and fields.

A farmers resting hut:

A temple dedicated to to Dewi Sri the Rice godess:

Another Balinese house in the middle of rice field:

During my walk I go back to Saris Oganic Cafe to have tea.
Sometimes I even have breakfast there.

A view from Saris Organic Cafe:

The Entrance to Saris Organic Cafe:

First Destination : BALI

I am staying again at Ubud Inn (where the author Elizabeth Gilbert of the book "Eat Pray Love" mentioned meeting one of the Staff of Ubud Inn named Mario or I Nengah Urip -his Balinese name) at Monkey Forest Road, in Ubud Bali.

Below is Mario and I in front of the water pond Garden in Ubud Inn: Mario Speaks several languages and I was able to converse with him in English and French since I also speak French , so I was very much impressed with him. He also speaks a little bit of German, having studied it in school here in Bali. He plans to take me to the famous healer/palm reader named Ketut Liyer ( also mentioned in Gilbert's book) in Ubud. I am looking forward to have my palm read. I recommend Mario as a guide/driver to anyone coming to Ubud. His email is

This is my second time here in Ubud Inn and myseventh time in Bali. Yes, I love the island so much i keep coming back. Below is my little "Bungalow with my own walkway leading to the front porch.

I enjoy staying at this place , the staff is very nice:

and it has a beautiful garden landscape with salt water pool.

It also has wireless connection from the front restaurant where I am blogging this.
My front door, beautiful Balinese architectural design :

My simple Balinese bed : In some of the other places that I had stayed, in Bali ,
the furnishings are more intricate then the one I have below, but this bed is one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in--like a baby. I like firm matresses it's better for the back.

This is where I eat my breakfast: Normally I order typical balinese Banana pancake topped with coconut and a bowl of tropical fruits such as papaya, pineappla and banana. I also enjoy a cup of rich Balinese coffee which is a lot stronger than American coffee.

My Asian Trip 2009(Bali,Hanoi,Manila)

In a few weeks, I will be boarding once again SingaporeAir . This is my favorite airline because of the superb service and comfort. I will be away for a month starting in Bali, Indonesia followed by Hanoi, Vietnam and then on to Manila, Philippines.

In Bali, I always stay in Ubud. which is considered the centre of Bali's arts and culture. It is a remarkable town in the middle of the island of Bali and the climate is a lot cooler than the rest of the island. Once a refuge for scruffy backpackers, mystics, artists and bohemians, Ubud is now home for a lot of international as well as local artists.
I like staying in Ubud, because there I can paint in peace ,but at the same time have enough social interaction with other artists if I want to. At the outskirt of Ubud are beautiful ricefields, village life and local scenes where one can have a glympse of the true Balinese way of living.

The second part of my trip will be in Hanoi,Vietnam. It will be my first time in Vietnam and I'm excited about it because my hubby, Bart Davidoff ,will already be there to meet me.
Below is a Computer World article that covers a seminar in Singapore in which he moderated a discussion on information management.

The last part of my trip will be Manila, Philippines. There, I will visit my father, Jose L. Angeles who will be turning 90 years old next year and my brother Jolan and his wife Tonette, together with their daughters Amanda and Anna .

Unfortuntaley, my daughter Bianca is in College now in Florida and won't be able to come with us for this trip. The last time Bianca was with us was in Singapore and Thailand two years ago :

Bianca in Thailand :

Bianca will be missed especially by her grandfather. Our plan is to take the whole family next year to Manila again for my father's 90th birthday.

I will be in Bali, Vietnam & Manila soon!

I will be in Asia soon!

I haven't posted for awhile because I am busy arranging my next trip to Asia.
I've finally booked my flights. Next month , I will be going back to my beloved Bali, Indonesia

Then on to Vietnam to be with my hubby in Hanoi :

Lastly, I will be in Manila to visit my family before going back to the States .
Below is an original painting I did of Old Intramuros, Manila which was published as a book cover
entitled" The West & the World" written by Kevin Reilly and published by Markus Wiener Publishers

My Batik Painting in Bali, Indonesia

Batik Painting by Maria Madonna Davidoff

This is my enrty for Illustration Friday Theme Intricate.

What can be more intricate than a batik painting. Two years ago, I decided to spend
a few months in the Island of Bali , in Indonesia, to study Batik painting.

This is one of my first batik paintings of a Balinese dancer. Batik is a wax resist dyeing technique used on textile. Batik is considered as national art in Indonesia.
I've been to several Balinese performances and I was really mesmerized. It was such a mystical and wonderful experience. The dancer were almost trancelike because in Bali, everything they do creatively are offered to the gods and godesses.

Here is where I set up studio in Ubud, Bali 2007

I was taught by a Balinese teacher who held classes in his own home.
Here I am in one of my classes:

Below, I am painting my first batik with my Balinese Batik teacher Wayan:
Here you can see me applying the wax resist first:

With my Balinese Batik teacher Wayan:

Below are some of the traditional dyes I used in Bali:

This is how I use colored dyes for my batik :

This is how I dry my batik--outdoor under the sun, the natural way:
It can get very hot in Bali--As you can see in my face full of perspiration:

Finally, after a hard days work painting, here I am relaxing in front of my Bali bungalow:

This is my walkway towards the Bunglaow:

Relaxing in Ubud:

Below, I am in front of one of the Balinese temples:

Portable Studio Around the World (Bali)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I keep a portable studio that contains mini tools and materials. In Bali, I had a folding easel and stool that has a backpack attached to it . I love this piece of equipment because it is lightweight and foldable plus Ican carry my materials in it as well:

My portable easel and stool/backpack in Bali, Indonesia.
I rented a small bungalow in Ubud, Bali last 2007. I will be going back there again this year. This is me painting in front of my bungalow:

A view from my Bali Bungalow

and my Bali landscape painting:

Bali, Indonesia

Some sketches from the Island of Bali, Indonesia 2007

This was a sketch from my favorite cafe called Three Monkey Cafe in Ubud.

An early morning walk through the rice terraces.

In front of my breakfast table..

Fairy Series

This is a watercolor painting I did from a sketch done in Bali--I got the inspiration of creating a Fairy Series paintings while staying in Ubud, Bali is---such a mystical Island. I actually met a fairy there....