Bali ,Rice Terrace Walk in Ubud

One of my daily routine in Bali is taking a meditative walk through out
the rice field terraces of Ubud.
In Ubud, the air is cool and crisp at this time of the day.

I start my walk from here:

I continue my walk by passing by some farmers working on their rice fields:
They are very friendly. Behind the rice fields are some balinese villages:

A small balinese house in the middle of the rice field. I wonder who lives there:

Come follow me for more Rice Terraces and fields.

A farmers resting hut:

A temple dedicated to to Dewi Sri the Rice godess:

Another Balinese house in the middle of rice field:

During my walk I go back to Saris Oganic Cafe to have tea.
Sometimes I even have breakfast there.

A view from Saris Organic Cafe:

The Entrance to Saris Organic Cafe: