Tour of Gianyar Regency, Bali

April 17, 2009
On the way to Gianyar Regency, outside of Ubud, Maritel & I hired a private van with driver to take us around. This is my Maritel's last day in Bali before she goes home to Australia.

Below two landmarks entering Gianyar, Sculpture of Arguna

and Sculpture of Visnu:

More Balinese landscape:

We stopped to buy some Sarongs and souveniers at Sukawati Market:

I bought a kebaya (temple outfit) and a Balinese headress which I tried on myself below:

We proceeded to a Balinese Temple and wearing our sarongs and sash:

Below, Madonna in the Temple:

Maritel ,my friend, in the Temple below:

We had lunch at MAHAGIRI a restaurant that serves buffet overlooking the panaromic view of Mt. Agung, the biggest sacred volcano in Bali

Lunch was typical Balinese and Indonesian cuisine of nasi goreng, rendang, fish and chicken sate with peanut sauce, chicken curry,s oto ayam ( balinese soup) and several trpical fruits like snake fruit ( a fruit that has a skin that looks like snake skin--delicious. And of course ,we finished the meal with delicious strong balinese coffee and tea.

Madonna with the view from Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant:

The view with Madonna & Maritel below:

The view with Mt. Agung:

After lunch we went to see one of bali's waterfall:

And on the way to the water fall, we saw some Balinese preparing for the ceremony for the Besakih temple carrying their offerings:

Then we stopped at a weavers workshop:

At the workshop was a balinese instrument called the Gamelan.
With myself and Maritel trying to play the gamelan:

Then, back in Ubud, Maritel and I getting ready for a nice dinner in town :