April 15, reconnecting with Friends in, Bali

Chantal from Belgium

One of the things I like about traveling are meeting people and making friends from different parts of the world. On one of my trip to Bali two years ago, I met Chantal from Belgium who is now living in Ubud.

Below, Chantal (to the right) and I having lunch at Lotus Pond,
a beautiful restraurant in Ubud overlooking a Balinese Temple:

We are having Reistafel for lunch: Bon Appetit!
Chantal worked for a book company in Belgium until deciding to give t all up and move to Bali. She is an astrologer and also designs some handicrafts. She just moved into a very cute balinese house with her dog and cat.

Chantal’s cute home in Bali:

I am relaxing at Chantals front garden:

Jasmine from South Africa:

I made a new friend in Bali. Her name is Jasmine and we met in the plane from my flight from Singapore to Bali. We were seatmates and found out that we were staying near each other in Ubud. It is Jasmine's first trip to Bali and she is here to participate in a Yoga retreat.

Here we are( Jasmine and Madonna) in this fantastic restaurant in Ubud called Bebek Bengil where they serve a delicious meal of Crispy Duck, a Balinese delicacy.

More of Madonna and Jasmine in Ubud, Bali:

Our Dessert:Sinfull Balinese chocolate cake and Balinese Rose wine:

Maritel , a childhood friend from Australia:

I am happy to see my friend Maritel again. Maritel and I went to the same private all-girls school in Manila called Maryknoll College. She came to Bali for a couple of days to hang out with me. Yours truly with Maritel overlooking one of the Rice Terraces :

More of Madonna & Maritel by the rice terraces:

Madonna & Maritel With a Balinese Farmer:

Maritel and Madonna at the Ubud open market where you can buy lots of Balinese handicrafts, paintings, batiks , cermamics, etc.

Below, with a Balinese lady vendor wearing her traditional Balinese costume called Kebaya:

Madonna and Maritel Having a meal in a restaurant by the Rice terraces:

Hanging out in cafes and restaurants in Ubud, Bali, both located in Monkey Forest Road :