Maria Madonna Davidoff in the New York Times

I was one of the artists featured today in the New York Times (Metropolitan Section) The article is  entitled  Summer Rituals, Painting in the Park

In the article, I was mentioned as a freelance childrens book illustrator who does plein-air painting in Central Park. In this online version,  a photo of my artwork is not shown but is shown in the printed version of the New York Times, June 20, 2010. To read about me, scroll down the link to about the middle of the article.

This is a  painting (watercolor and ink rendering) I did today in Central Park. 
Once again, I've included a Little Girl character by the Turtle Pond.
I used Central Park as a backdrop for a story that seems to be evolving visually in my head .
A little girl character keeps on appearing in my Central Park painting series.
Her name is Marilyn.

Below, just  resting after a few hours of painting:

At the ARTEON Opening Reception : La Mama Galeria NYC

I exhibited one of my " Traveling Scroll Series" entitled: From Manila to New York.

at the ArtEon Art Festival ,a ten-day exhibit from May 20- 30,2010 at the La MaMa La Galleria on 6 East 1st St. New York City. This event promoted a spirit of collaboration that brought together established and emerging talents from different parts of the world. ARTEON members from Manila, Athens, Berlin, Japan and many others were represented.

Below are  some pictures from the Art Opening reception last Friday:

Madonna Davidoff with scroll painting  

My mix-media scroll paintings were inspired by the different countries I have lived in and visited. These scrolls are a combination of digital, linocut printing and traditional painting methods. My works combine mythological symbols and urban icons in a playful fusion of modern Western and Eastern motifs, such as skyscrapers, zeppelins as well as snakes and volcanoes. Arranged in thematic series, my works include paintings, watercolors and prints that offer rich tableaux of both primitive and modern forms.
In these scrolls, I draw upon numerous motifs, which are native to the Philippines and other Asian-Pacific cultures. Some of these works include autobiographical exploration of the subconscious through dream images and fantasy with playful juxtapositions of Eastern and Western motifs.
My work was included in a Symposium on The History of Philippine-American Art and the Swiss Artist Events from the Swiss Consulate Cultural Section in New York City and has been reviewed by a Washington Post art critic who wrote, ”Of the thirty three works on view at the Foundry Gallery, I liked Maria Madonna Davidoff’s mix-media scrolls..." 

Madonna Davidoff and guests at the opening:

( photo credit above Edwin Datoc)

Madonna Davidoff with more guests below:

Other artists'works at the exhibit 

Madonna Davidoff with Rowena & Marietta

John , Bart,  Madonna and Rosangela

ARTEON ART FESTIVALis presented by La MaMa e.t.c.: a project of ARTEON New York Art Foundation Inc. and ArtExite.

My Upcoming Exhibit Nov.2009

I was invited to exhibit at the Art Harmony Regional Center in Maryland for their 20th Retrospective Show in November. I shall post the invitation soon.

Below is a sneak preview of the exhibit:

This is an acrylic painting on canvas, size is 18" x 24"

My " Little Girl Series" are composed of paintings I made after my mom passed away a few years ago. As a way to heal myself during that sad period of my life, I created several Little Girl sketches which I made into paintings.

Little Girl Series: How it all started

Well, my Little Girl series paintings started with a daily sketch. Everyday I decided to make a sketch of the little girl. I used a big 18" x 24" newsprint pad for the sketches and they serve as my studies for the final paintings. As you can see, I have lots and lots of them already. All I need to do is choose among one of them and start painting! For the finished piece, I use Acrylic on a gessoed stretched canvas , also size 18 x 24.

Here are my sketches inside my flat drawer:

A more close up view of the Little Girl sketches:

"Little Girl in Autumn"

"Little Girl in Winter"

Now ,here is a sketch and the finished painting of The Little Girl who Draws

The sketch:

And Voila, the finished painting: The Little Girl Who Draws
By Maria Madonna Davidoff

MondayArtday "self portrait 8 yrs old"

Below is a painting I did for MondayArtday's theme
" Self Portrait of myself at Eight":

This painting is part of " The little Girl Series " They were started when my mother just passed. When someone you love very deeply is gone, there will always be an emptiness inside you. I felt very very empty and sad when my mom died and very, very alone. My mother always told me that I will always be her little girl. These paintings are a tribute to that period of my time with her as a child.