Little Girl Series: How it all started

Well, my Little Girl series paintings started with a daily sketch. Everyday I decided to make a sketch of the little girl. I used a big 18" x 24" newsprint pad for the sketches and they serve as my studies for the final paintings. As you can see, I have lots and lots of them already. All I need to do is choose among one of them and start painting! For the finished piece, I use Acrylic on a gessoed stretched canvas , also size 18 x 24.

Here are my sketches inside my flat drawer:

A more close up view of the Little Girl sketches:

"Little Girl in Autumn"

"Little Girl in Winter"

Now ,here is a sketch and the finished painting of The Little Girl who Draws

The sketch:

And Voila, the finished painting: The Little Girl Who Draws
By Maria Madonna Davidoff