Museum Tours Hanoi, Vietnam Part2

The Museum of Ethnology has an outstanding collection of the different ethnographic spectrum that makes up the Vietnamese nation. Displays include clothes, cultural implements, social rites and full-size model ethnic houses in the grounds. It is located in the Cau Giay District of Hanoi.

Bart and I inside a Tay House from Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province.

At the Indoor exhibits: A representation of silk and cotton garments
made and worn by Thai Thanh women in Nghe An province.

Inside the Ede Long House in Ky village, Dak Lak province.
It is 42 meters long and would have accomodated the families of daughters
and granddaughters of an extended matrilineal family.

A cartoon from the Childrens Ceramic workshop of the Museum:

Madonna infront of a group of Vietnamese school children:

Bart resting inside one of the ethnic houses:

The exterior of the Ede long House:

The Bahnar Communal House:

The Bahnar Communal House has a height of 19 meters and
it is from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Acording to the Bahnar,
communal house is a symbol of skill and strength of the villagers.

Madonna Davidoff Resting infront of one of the houses:

The exterior of the Bahnar Communal House:

Bart hugging one of the poles of the houses:

After the Ethnology Museum, Bart and I went to see the Temple of Literature Below:

Temple of Literature: Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam
Built in 1805, the The Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam was established and dedicated to learning. Stone sculptures record the names of scholars who passed its exacting examinations:

The Grounds of the Temple:

Below is the statue of Confucius, a great politician, philosopher who founded the doctrine of Confusianism which had a great impact on the culture, phsychology and ethics of the Chinese people and other neighboring countries including Vietnam:

Madonna Davidoff enjoying the flowers and scenery of Temple of Literature:

The telephone booth:

The rooftop of the Temple of Literature:

Vietnamese Water Puppets:

Bart with one of the Vietnamese musical performers:
We bought two CDs of Vietnamese instrumental music.