Hello Hanoi, Vietnam

April 21, 2009

Landed in Hanoi, Vietnam and meeting my hubby Bart,

we checked in at The Intercontinental Hotel Westlake, Hanoi:
These are the rooms at the Intercontinental above the Westlake:

Our Bedroom at the hotel:

Below , infront of the rooms:


Our first breakfast Breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam: Great Buffet,
a selection of Vietnamese, French and other international dishes.

Touring the Old City , Hanoi:
The Old Twon of Hanoi, is very colorful, lots of motorbikes,
peddlers, vendors, little shops and markets:

Bart looking for directions:

I am in one of the traditional shops in the old town:

Below, I bought a custom made stamp with my signature in it:

Inside one of the small temples in the old city:

School children in the Old town:

In the French Town, Hanoi ( Influence of French Colonial time)

We had to take the motorbike: what an experience: whew! they go very fast .