My Portable Studio around the world

I carry a portable studio with me whenever I can. My portable studio is an assortment of mini art materials and tools that I've collected from different places. I've got mini watercolors, mini brushes that holds its own water container( got this in Tokyo but they now sell it in Pearl Paint NYC)--mini crayon kit, mini markers ( from San Francisco,) ,mini colored pencil from Singapore, small sketch pad and moleskin watercolor book from NYC, and even mini staplers and scissors from Austria. I love to discover other mini tools and materials to include in my portable studio.

The contents are small enough to fit my plastic zippered case that fits my medium size bag .
Well, this weekend, my portable studio came in handy again. I went to the Barnes and Noble in New York City near Lincoln Center and hang out at the cafe. I did some of my color studies there while drinking my iced chai, flavored with passion fruit and bought a sweet treat --my favorite brownies. Yummy!
When I draw or paint in public, I sometimes get comments from other people. One lady beside me remarked that she liked my colors . I like the interaction and I don't mind a few interruptions since being an artist can be a solitary job sometimes. Other places I like to sketch are the parks, forests, the mountains, the beach or anywhere near the water , libraries, museums, even the theatre. Yes, during intermission is a good time to sketch.

Below is my color study:

Actually, I was in another fantastic bookstore called The Bank Street Bookstore uptown. I went there to see a book reading/performance of authorDebi Derryberry. She wrote the book Baby Banana and the Licorice Tree. I loved Debi Derryberry's music especially the ones with the Caribbean beat. Debi is also the voice of Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon.
It was very interesting to observe how the children responded --so spontaneously dancing and jumping up and down. I could not sketch because it was jampacked and there was no room, but
I was able to get a seat by the window and I took some photos:

As an illustrator, I always to go to bookstores and do my research on what's being published lately, which publishers I think will like my style based on what they are publishing, what book got awards, etc. I always take down notes when I visit. That's me on the right corner: