Graphic Novel (work in Progress)

This is also my entry for Illustration Fridays theme: INSTINCT
My Instinct told me that I must create a graphic novel based on my cousin's childhood in Manila.
Since this is a work in progress, I'd like to share with you my process and the development of my character. I decided to change the spelling of her name from Cita to Sita. That way, I don't need to explain how to pronounce Cita as " see-tah", as seen in my first sketch. I was happy with the way Sita looks--she was a very frail and skinny girl, she's also a half Chinese/half filipina-- I need to emphasize that background of hers as the graphic novel evolves . My cousin told me that because she's half Chinese, growing up in Manila , she was considered a bit of an outsider among the local Filipinos. I called her yesterday from her New York office and she gave me permission to continue with this project using her childhood experiences as my subject.

I know, I know --this is a big endeavor--but it excites me and although I do not really consider myself a writer--, I can try to visually tell her story at least.

So... today, I gave her some color. I also cropped her body. I did not want her to look as if she was praying. Let me know what you think.