Momsie's Book illustrated by Madonna Davidoff


Event: Children's Book Event & Launching of Momsie's Book 

by the writer/illustrator team of Bart and Madonna Davidoff 

When: April 14, 2013 ( Sunday) from 2:30 -3:30 pm

Where: Mercer County Library System's -Ewing Branch
61 Scotch Road Ewing, NJ 08628.                                    

In Honor of the National Library week beginning on April 14th and running through the 20th,  the writer/illustrator team of Bart and Madonna Davidoff will be presenting their children's picture book entitled Momsies’ Book on Sunday, April 14th from 2:00 to 3:00 pm at the Mercer County Library System's - Ewing branch. 

Momsies’ book includes a memoir entitled "Natie and Me" written and illustrated by Muriel Shutan-Davidoff in which she describes her childhood adventures growing up in New Haven in the late 1920's with her  younger brother Nate. 

Muriel has been living with Alzheimer's disease for the past 5 years and since she is unable to publish her work, Bart and Madonna decided to make it a part of Muriel's legacy.

During the book launching, Madonna will demonstrate how she created the illustrations and Bart will read passages from the book.  The Davidoff’s will donate a copy of the book to the Ewing library's collection and another copy will be awarded as a door prize.

Advance purchasing of Momsie’s Book may be ordered  online here at

Also available soon at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

Madonna Davidoff Exhibits at the Yippie Museum NYC

I was invited to participate in a group show in New York City
with other international artists from Mexico, Eritra, Korea and Puerto Rico
The title of the exhibit is "La Bracera: Women and Work"

Below is the Invitation to the exhibit and Opening:

According to Olivia Canlas, who curates the exhibit with Leilani Montes, “it is seldom that we ponder upon the pivotal role women play in keeping the most basic structures of our society operational. It is AF3IRM’s mission to keep a constant focus on the critical nature of women’s work and to advocate for comprehensive equality and justice for women.”

Exhibit hours at the Yippie Museum are from 7-10 pm, April 21-May 5, 2012. Please RSVP to or call 212-726-2254 for either the opening or closing events, media coverage or to purchase a piece.

My Travelling Scroll (Mix Media) Paintings

Maria Madonna Angeles-Davidoff

© 2011 Maria Madonna Angeles-Davidoff

Being a multi cultural artist who has lived and traveled in 3 different continents in the world definitely affected my work. Thus, my paintings and prints are based on personal as well as universal icons. The word icon may mean an image, a representation, a simile or symbol. Icons are very much a part of our present world. It has been used since pre-historic time and we are still being influenced by it.

In my latest mix media “Scroll” series, I try to develop art that is both lyrical and portable, a reflection of the nomadic nature of one who is constantly on the move. Recognizing this sense of displacement, I never really belong anywhere, and so I try to create my own cultural space wherever I find myself. It is a way for me as an artist to make sense of things around me. Thus, creating the scrolls make perfect sense since these banner-like images are "transportable" just like myself. The scrolls can easily be rolled up and carried around and like myself, could be reinvented, able to adapt and survive.

My motivation in creating works of art stems from my enjoyment in expressing myself and exposure to different cultures continues to inspire me in so many ways, I have acquired a more global perspective on the symbols and images in art. I've also come to realize that symbols and icons all over the world speak of the universal themes of fear, joy, hope, pain, and celebration. I believe that we are one collective eye sharing a single planet.

Childrens' Book Illustrators Group 2011 Promo postcard:

Well , it's that time of the year again: I just finished designing the CBIG
Childrens Book  Illustrators Group  2011 Promo postcard:

designed by: Maria Madonna Davidoff

As a member of CBIG and one of its officer, I am designing once again the official
CBIG ( Children's Book Illustrators Group) postcard 2011.

I used Indesign in creating the postcard ( front and back side)
It's in a big format of 8.5" x 5.5"

Formed since 1987, CBIG is a Children's Book Illustrator Group based in New York City.
More information on membership and meetings may be found here.

I'ts a great group to network and meet other children's book writers, illustrators and publishers.