My Cartoon Strip Little Mado

This is an announcement for the launching of my cartoon strip: 

Little Mado, A Schoolgirl Adventure

OSM Magazine ( an online magazine for awesome global citizens) 
will be featuring Little Mado weekly soon.

I created this comic strip character Little Mado based on my childhood experiences
 in the Philippines during the 60's while attending an all-girls catholic school run by nuns.

Little Mado and her  classmates had to follow strict rules, go to confession, and obey their teachers.
Always restless and hyper, Little Mado's curiosity lands her into lots of trouble.
Her mother often gets called in by the school principal ( also a nun) for Little Mado's bad conduct.
She is always bored with her classes and comes up with creative ways to entertain herself which did not amuse her teachers at all. The only thing she enjoys and love is her Art Class.

Below is the first cartoon strip entitled: I love Art Class