Mural Painting for Yoga Studio

I have been commissioned to paint a mural for my favorite Yoga Studio called  
Firefly Yoga & Wellness in Lawrenceville, NJ.
The mural is located in the entrance of the Studio.

I am really happy about this project because am I creating
 something that is close to my heart which is Yoga and Meditation. 
Also, Firefly Yoga & Wellness is a great place not only to learn Yoga but also
a place for meditation, tai chi, tea ceremony workshops, massage therapy,
crystal and sound healing classes.

Below is the color study for the mural:

I already finished the drawing on the wall which is colored light lavender.

Today, I will start to paint and put textures on the trunk 
and the leaves by using patterned paper ( collage style) and 
overlaying it with paint again.

This is so different from what I normally do (small size children's illustrations)
and I find mural painting challenging and exciting.

I look forward to finishing this soon.
I wish you all a happy day today.