Painting in Central Park, NYC

Here I am,  sketching in the Turtle Pond, Central Park NYC
I've always enjoyed painting outdoors especially during my travels and
I actually have a portable studio which I can easily carry with me wherever I go.
I found this artist traveling bag which holds a lot of things
 like brushes, watercolor pencils, mini sketch pad, etc:

Below is the artist travel pouch which I can tie around my waist and
inside this artist travel pouch are some tools and materials below:
Another view of the my artist travel pouch with some mini-sketch pad and watercolor papers:

Here is my favorite tool: a brush that you can put water inside
( no need to dip in water anymore)
I found this brush while traveling to Tokyo, Japan, but
some art stores now in th US carries them.

Here is a really small and cute but handy material I have, the size of a business card:
A mini colored pencil case with its own miniature sharpener:

At the Turtle Pond, Central Park NYC

 Madonna Davidoff with their paintings
created in Turtle Pond, Central Park NYC

and below is my painting entitled" Little Girl in Central Park"
I used watercolor pencils and colored pencils to create this:

© Madonna Davidoff    

Book Making & NYC Zine Festival

This weekend, I attended the NYC ZINE FEST '09 at
the Brooklyn Lyceum building.
Below is the official poster of the event:

The NYC Zine Festival are made of self-published, homemade,
independent and small publishers.

Some of the Zines I got from the festival:
By GBtran: A Vietnamese American Cartoonist

Below a handmade book by John Mejias:
spread and front cover

I drooled over the
Microcosm Publishing Catalogue below: ( love the illo on the cover) where they've got loads of Zines, books, posters,etc..

Another favorite of mine : Robin Enrico
she created the "Jam in the Band" below:
cover and inside pages:

New York City

Yesterday, I took a photo of New York City with it's streetlight and traffic light .
This photo reminds me of an illustration I did for a fable called:
Country Mouse, City Mouse

Here is my illustration for Country Mouse/City Mouse :

I did this with gouache, combined with watercolor and pen and ink.