Collage art-"Paper Cloth Doll" series

A Little Girl with Ribbon: I made this by drawing and then inking the girl image and then coloring it with watercolor and markers then I cut pieces of scrap cloths and ribbons, sewing them directly to the paper and then gluing it to the girl ( its fun making this --makes me feel like an 8 year old again---playing with paper dolls !!)


From reading this entry from I finally took out a DIY craft I did awhile ago but never did anything out of it. I love doing things with my hands like sewing, crafting, drawing , printing and painting and I actually thought of creating a separate site for my crafts and possibly sell it online--so here is one of a few I've crafted.

The cover is a digital print of an original illustration I made of a Balinese folktale. I used it as a cover for a handmade blank book with small pocket inside tied with natural fiber rope. I used non-toxic glue and materials.