Portable studio around the world (Austria)

In Austria, I was invited to participate in an International Art Symposium entitled:"Freistat Burgestein 2005" (International Art Symposium) from July 9-18, 2005 at Laengenfeld, Tirol, Austria. I had to create works which will later be exhibited in Vienna, Telfs, Miemig, :Laegenfeld

Below is where I stayed among other International artists:

And here is my small but efficient studio in Langelfeld, Austria provided by Provita Alpina.

Here I am printing in my studio-
and getting ready for the exhibit in the Tyrolean Alps:

I created my Traveling scroll series here as shown below and also participated in the outdoor exhibit as well as in the Austrian WerkMuseum in the city.

Finally, one of the reviews in an Austrian Newspaper in Tyrol. ( in German)

Happy New Year!!

Some sketches from our European trip , Dec of 2008 done in my Moleskin artist book.
This was a sketch during our flight from New York to London

Another one in the plane (British Airways) It amazes me how other people pass their time away during the flight--some pick their noses.

Lobby of Vienna Intercon Hotel at 6:00 AM. I woke up very early and couldn't go back to sleep. So I went to the lobby and sketched.

My lunch: Goulash--I loved it and decided to get the recipe and bought some ingredients to take home. I ate this in a local restaurant in Vienna--far from the tourist spot.

A chic Viennese girl. I loved her outfit, beret and all.

Train ride from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary ( someone is sleeping)