Book I Illustrated at the New Jersey ( Mercer County) Public Library System

There's nothing like seeing one of the  books I illustrated featured 
on the shelves of the Children's book area at one of
the branches of the New Jersey Public Library ( Mercer County)

 Today, I had my picture taken behind the book entitled " Momsie's Book"
written by my hubby Bart Davidoff, published by Bali Bliss Press. 

Momsies’ book includes a memoir entitled "Natie and Me"
 originally written and illustrated by Muriel Shutan-Davidoff in which
she describes her childhood adventures growing up in New Haven
in the late 1920's with her
  younger brother Nate. 

Below is the Mercer County Library online Catalog including " Momsie's Book"

" Momsie's Book  is also available at Amazons and

and it is also availabe at the Book Garden bookstore in Frenchtown NJ,
28 Bridge Street Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Here's a picture of myself with " Momsie's Book" at the Book Garden