Painting on a Snowy Day Today

It's snowing heavily again today and so as a tribute to the weather, 
I created this painting entitled " Walking on a Snowy Day". 
Let me share you my step by step process:

1. I did a rough sketch with pencil on newsprint paper: 
( based purely on my imagination-no photo references or model was used here )

2. Using acrylic and canvas , I started painting the background using
mainly sky blue diluted with Titanium white.

3. Then I continued putting on other colors of yellows and cadmium orange with
bits or raw sienna and white for the skin tone

4. I continue to cover the whole canvas with colors:

5. I continued the painting by outlining all the elements with a brush. 

6. Finally, I painted the snow falling:
Voila! The painting is finished:  total time of work:  3 hours
medium: acrylic on canvas size: 16" x 20"