School Girl Memories: Las Vegas trip, Day 1

There is nothing like re-uniting with childhood friends and schoolmates again. I sketched this inside the plane bound for Las Vegas where my Friend, Gochi, now lives. We were classmates in a school called Maryknoll, an all girls-private school in the Philippines. Maryknoll is now called " Miriam College" but I, of course, prefer the old name Maryknoll. I have lots of good memories from that School and as an illustrator, lots of nostalgic images appear in my sketches:

This is how our Maryknoll Uniform looked like:
We were such a disciplined bunch!

Oh the Joys of Lunch break:

That's me in our grade school picture below- what a hair!

And here is Gochi:

And here we are at present: Taken in Las Vegas:

Gochi and Mado( my nickname then)