Travel CheckList by My Fairy Talisman

For me part of the fun of traveling is the preparation and packing. Fortunately, I have my traveling Fairy friend to help me out with my checklist:

Here she is with my long list of things to pack.

Together with packing, I got my necessary vaccinations and that was part of the preparation that I didn't like since it gave me an "achy' feeling for a few days.

Then I made sure I bought enough reading materials and snacks for the long plane ride. I also packed an extra change of clothing in my handcarry backpack because when I reach South East Asia ,its going to be very hot in humid there . I will have a whole day to visit the city of Singapore before I continue my journey to Bali., my first destination. After that, it's Hanoi and then Manila.

I reserved a room at the Transit Hotel at Changi Airport in Singapore . That way I can take a nap when I arrive. I also intend to use the rooftop pool soI made sure I also packed my swimsuit and a mini sublock stick.

Of course, I haven't forgotten my mini art studio( art supplies) and my Moleskine art book.
Well, I hope I haven't forgotten anything.